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We all love a lot of things and sometimes we get our loves out of order.  For instance, when we allow the love of being popular to hinder the way in which we love our friends, that is sin or “disordered love”.  For the Sundays of Lent, March 5 – April 9, we will explore several ways in which our love can be “disordered”.

Historically known as the seven deadly sins – pride, envy, wrath, gluttony, lust, greed, and apathy – are expressions of disordered love.  They undermine and distort the perfect love of God and neighbor to which we have been called and they diminish our lives and the lives of others.  Jesus walks the way of perfectly ordered love for us and through his cross and resurrection makes it possible for us to love well.  Join us as we prepare for Easter and the celebration of God’s perfect love.

March 5               Gluttony                 Matthew 6:16 – 18, 25 – 33
March 12             Greed                      Psalm 49, Luke 12:13 – 21
March 19             Lust                         Matthew 5:27 – 30, Galatians 5:13 – 25
March 26             Wrath                     Proverbs 29: 11, Ephesians 4:25 – 32
April 2                   Envy                        Genesis 4:1– 10, James 3:13 – 18
April 9                   Pride                       Matthew


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