Current Study Opportunities

Sacred Space

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it can be difficult to find time and space to connect with God.  On Sunday mornings, at 10:00 am, Carrie and Jeff McClain will facilitate a time of prayer called Sacred Space. We will begin on June 1st in the prayer chapel, then we will join the Journey Class in in room 120.  We will learn about various spiritual practices, but the majority of the time will be spent in individual, and sometimes corporate prayer. Participants should feel free to drop in or out as you feel led.

10-week Companions in Christ study, The Way of Prayer

The study honors ways you were taught to pray while expanding understanding to include new ways to pray. Topics covered include: How do you pray? Images of God, Praying by heart, Praying with music, Praying by gazing, Praying with our bodies, Scriptural prayer, Contemplative prayer, Praying with and for others, Prayer and social transformation. This study will meet on Tuesday mornings at 10am in room 123 beginning June 17th (note new starting date).

Defining “Discipleship” What does it look like in the Gospels?

Ryans_mug_homeIf you were to define “discipleship,” where might you begin? We use the word so often in the church and in our wider communities, but if you sit down to explain it you might find yourself wondering where to begin. So, why does discipleship sometimes make us feel uncomfortable? What societal barriers might we have to cross? Are there limits to the meaning of discipleship? How do our understandings of the early disciples of Christ inform our perceptions of what discipleship looks like in the church today? At Boone United Methodist Church?

Join this four week glimpse into the lives of several disciples, both the familiar and perhaps the less obvious, whose assorted responses to Christ’s embodiment of the gospel message give us insight into the beauty and challenge of living as a disciple of Christ. We will not only talk about the nature of our call to discipleship as a church, but also the image of the disciple as a risk-taker or the disciple who might encounter moments of discomfort when acting on faith proves more difficult than we initially thought.

Study will be on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 am in room 123, meeting the week of June 9th, June 23rd, July 7th and July 14th. If you would like to attend, please contact Ryan LaRock, Duke Ministry Intern, at

Ongoing Studies

Women’s Study – led by Marge Allan

Contact the church office to find out more about this study.

Thursday Topical Study

Join Rev. Gene Ammons at 10:00 am each Thursday morning at 10:00 am in room 123. Study will be different each week. No book or literature required. Just the Bible! This study will last approximately one hour each week.

Trip to the Holy Land – with Jason Byassee

Contact the church office for more information about this trip that will take place October 2014.

Disciple I

Are you hungering for the Word of God? DISCIPLE I is a 32-week in-depth study of Scripture from Genesis to Revelations. You will be strengthened in your faith. Classes taught by Jeff and Carrie McClain will start late August and run through May. Contact Jeff McClain for more information.

Men’s Bible Study

This group of men meets every Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. in room 200 except Christmas. This intergenerational group of men come together to focus on one book of the Bible at a time.

Past Studies

Mirror to the Church: Resurrecting Faith after Genocide in Rwanda,
by Emmanuel Katongole and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
Don’t Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart, by Kenneth C. Haugk
Financial Peace University , by Dave Ramsey
Jesus and Darwin How do faith and science fit together? led by Dr. Scott St. Clair and Pastor Jason
One In A Million: Journey to Your Promised Land, by Priscilla Shirer
Financial Peace University, by Dave Ramsey
When Christians Get It Wrong, by Adam Hamilton
Mercy Triumps, a Beth Moore Study on the book of James
What Every Church Member Should Know About Poverty, by Bill Ehlig & Ruby Payne, Ph.D.
Christian Caregiving: A Way of Life, by Ken Haugk
God’s Big Picture, by Vaughn Roberts
Bad Religion, by Ross Douthat
Why Jesus Crossed the Road, by Bruce Main

Congratulations to our Disciple Graduates

DiscipleBook (1)

Congratulations to the following people who recently completed a Disciple Bible study. The goal of the studies is to develop disciples of Jesus Christ who know and love God’s Word.

In Disciple I participants follow a daily pattern of reading and study for 34 weeks, moving through most of the Bible.

In Disciple II focuses on the Genesis, Exodus, Luke and Acts over a 32-week period. Participants have completed Disciple I.

Disciple IV focuses on the writings of John and Revelation over a 32-week period. Participants have completed Disciple I, and many have completed Disciple II & III, as well.

2014 – Disciple I, led by Jeff & Carrie McClain
Sally Anderson, Kelly Broman-Fulks, Bob Bumgarner, Lorraine Clarkson, Donna Lawson, James Lorello, Jessica Lorello, Chris Schoonover, Jenny Schrum, Charlotte Smith, and Sarah Strickland.

2013 – Disciple II, led by Jason Byassee
Stephanie Allen, Sally Anderson, Cathy Barr, Lorraine Clarkson, Mary Horn, Kerry Lewis, Charles and Denise Stanley, Ryan Stull

2012 – Disciple I, led by Susan Anderson
Kerry Lewis, William Lewis, Harold Tilley

2012 – Disciple IV, led by Maggie Tilley
Patsy Anderson, Renee Choate, Margaret Eggers, David Freeman, Cheryl Marshbanks, John Marshbanks

2012 – Disciple I, led by Jason Byassee
Jonathan Allen, Sarita Beach, Brendan Byers, Elizabeth Shukis, Caitlin Tremper, Charlie Webster, Mary Ann Younts