Membership & Baptism

We believe that God has called us to become disciples of Jesus Christ. This can be a long and difficult journey and the reason that we need to stay in community. The path to discipleship is an important journey and the reason we were put on earth. We hope that you will join us on that journey.

You can become a member of Boone United Methodist Church by one of the following ways:

If you are not now a baptized Christian, a minister will be happy to discuss the meaning of the Sacrament of Baptism with you. Simply contact one of the ministers and plans for your baptism will be arranged.

Since you are already baptized and confirmed, these steps will not be repeated. If your previous church was not a United Methodist Church, you will be asked to take membership vows of the United Methodist Church. We will handle the transfer of membership process for you.

If you are living in Boone on a temporary basis, and do not want to give up membership in your home church, you can become an Affiliate Member if you are already a United Methodist, or an Associate Member if you are a member of another denomination. Affiliate and Associate membership grant you pastoral oversight, fellowship and full participation, including holding church offices in Boone United Methodist Church.


As a United Methodist Church, we affirm both infant and adult baptism as an authentic and powerful experience of the Holy Spirit and acknowledge the baptism of other faiths.

Through baptism we reaffirm our commitment to grow as a community and support each other. It is God’s word to us, proclaiming our adoption by grace, and our word to God promising our response of faith and love. There are few things that are more exciting than witnessing the baptism of a new believer or participating in the baptism of a child.

If you are interested in learning more about baptizing your child or wish to explore adult baptism, we invite you to contact one of our pastors.

Please click on this link to see our 2015 Confirmation Class River Baptism.