Like many churches, King Street Church started small,

                    but we decided to stay that way!

King Street Church (KSC) began in the summer of 2013 with a handful of people in Boone with a desire for Christian community. What emerged over that year was a small worshipping community in downtown Boone marked by brutal honesty and radical acceptance. When the group started growing, we decided that instead of growing like a typical church, we would start more small worshipping communities. Now we have gatherings throughout Boone.

King St Church

KSC is a campus of Boone United Methodist Church committed to offering Christian community to those who have never experienced it before.  We believe that faith is born in the midst of relationship, and that’s why we believe in small worshiping communities. In small gatherings, we study the Bible together, applying the teachings to our everyday lives. We are free to doubt, free to question, free to disagree. All of us are in different places in faith, some of us are Christian, some of us are not, but we all long for something more.

Interested? Have Questions? E-mail Veronica Timbers.

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