One of our bible study readers recently explained why she offered a Tuesday morning women’s class. “I gain so much more from teaching than I would as a class member,” she said. It’s true—Christian faith has long held that the best way to study is to teach, the only way to be served is to serve, and like Jesus, the way to reign is to lay one’s life down.

We have myriad opportunities to serve at BUMC. Many involve volunteering with our children’s and youth ministries. Colette Krontz and Vern Collins are master trainers of leaders—they can accept your gift of time and talent and match you with children and youth who are hungry to learn. Luke Edwards, our missions coordinator, can help match your desire to serve with the chance to help the poor here in Watauga County and far beyond. Ronnie Wise can take your gift of music (however meager or great!) and turn it into a gift for God and others in worship. We always have need of more volunteers to help us love God and serve our neighbor—please be in touch with a pastor or with Denise Stanley (info) for more on how to serve at our church. For it is the way that leads to life.