In a world where everyone yearns to belong, Christians know they belong to what is true and everlasting – to God and the Body of Christ, the church. This is a rich source of joy that deepens as we grow to understand the blessings and privileges of belonging.

Like everything else, giving to the church may require discipline, but never guilt. It is a part of the daily privilege of belonging to God’s infinite purpose. Giving through church stewardship to support ongoing ministries is inspired by joy, and a response to love we can never match. It is also marked by reliability. As you consider your approach to giving you might consider these guidelines.

Give Proportionately
Our finances vary greatly, but God calls us to recognize them as His blessing and to give proportionately.

Be Consistent
Consistent giving helps make stewardship second nature. It also helps the church operate responsibly through financial backing.

Look for ways to grow
As we mature, so may our giving. We should thoughtfully consider what part giving plays in our spiritual growth. If you are interested in planning a personal program of growth, contact one of the members of the stewardship committee or our pastors.

Additional Giving Opportunities

Periodically, our church also collects items for special projects to help people both locally and around the world. During collection periods, posters will be displayed throughout the church and notices will be on the website. Check back with us to see how you can be involved