Passport to Peru
2017 – VBS

Immerse kids in this vibrant culture where they discover God’s good gifts for us all.
There are three exciting age appropriate camps during one amazing week:

Little Llamas Preschool

Preschoolers begin each day’s adventures with the older kids at Opening Celebration, where kids are introduced to the concepts they’ll be learning that day.  Then preschoolers travel to Little Llamas Preschool where they will settle into their homeroom and ease into their day by choosing from a variety of hands-on activities at Exploration Stations.  As a group they will travel to the big interactive Bible Expedition, Incan Eats, and Sounds Of Peru.  Preschoolers will have access to the playground for Free Play and Favorite Peruvian Games.  At the end of the day, little llamas will gather on the rug in their homeroom for a cozy Closing Circle time before parents arrive to take them home.

Experience Peru!

Groups of crews rotate through stations together.  They begin each day’s adventures together at Opening Celebration, where they are introduced to the concepts they will be learning that day.  Then crews follow a daily schedule to visit four stations. In Bible Expeditions, kids experience the daily Bible story with all five senses. In Play Peru, crews will participate in fun games and activities.  When crews visit Experience Peru, they will dig into authentic and surprising things that kids in Peru might do every day! At Sounds of Peru kids will have their passports stamped and experience native music and sounds of the culture.  A mid-morning break will bring all crews together to devour scrumptious Incan Eats! After four rotations, all elementary crews will come together for an exciting Closing Celebration!

South America Expedition!

Preteens are in for an adventure as they travel through this South America Expedition!  They will meet up with their youth leaders each morning in Opening Celebration where they are introduced to the concepts they will be learning that day. Next, they will head outside to their Base Camp under the picnic shelter by the creek. On Monday, campers will “travel” through Mexico on route to Peru.  On Tuesday, campers check into Guatemala.  On Wednesday, campers arrive in Peru!  Campers will meet missionaries, face to face, who will share their experiences on the mission field.  They will eat native foods, and play traditional games from each country.  On Thursday, campers will board a bus for Apple Hill Farm where they will take a tour of the alpaca farm and see actual llamas!

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