Connect and Commit

At Boone UMC, we support many local, national and global ministries that touch the lives of God’s people who are hurting. A church is best defined by the missions to which we give ourselves. We cooperate with many organizations to assist them in their service to the community. Through the Faith Promise Missions Budget, Boone United Methodist Church seeks to provide financial support for missionaries and organizations whose primary purpose is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. We recognize our obligation to do all we can to work to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord. The Faith Promise Missions Budget is funded by money given through the Faith Promise Pledges made each year during the Annual Missions Celebration. It is the intent of the Faith Promise Missions Budget to provide for voluntary giving over and above our individual commitment to the unified church budget and to the United Methodist Church.

Many thanks to all of you who have taken a leap of faith and joined us on a Faith Promise Missions Giving journey.  One hundred percent of your Faith Promise Missions Giving supports individuals and organizations that are committed to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through word and deed.


Jesus said, “Peace be with you. As the father has sent me, so I send you.”
John 20:21

Faith Promise Giving

  • A Faith Promise is simply a covenant between God and you.  “I promise to trust God to give me ‘extra money’ that I can direct to missionary causes.”  In a sense, you are simply making yourself a channel through which God can send money to missions.  You dare to let God use your faith and your life to bless others on the mission field.

  • The church only helps get the funds to the mission field.  There is no attempt to collect the money. There are no statements mailed out.  All pledges will be tabulated in order to get a pledge total, then your card will be returned to you as this is a promise to God and not the church.

  • Faith Promises do not tie to the church budget.  This is entirely “extra” giving.  “I have made a pledge to our church which I intend to keep, but this is over and above that.  I am not taking money away from the church budget to give to missions.  I am trusting God for extra money for missions.”

  • “This is not an attempt to give more of my present income. It is an agreement to handle God’s money for Him to support missions.  As He makes extra money available to me, I make it available to missions. I become God’s partner in financing His work.”

  • A Faith Promise is a means of growing in faith.  When you see how God works in this venture of faith, you learn to trust Him even more in ALL areas of your life.